Plant researchers have been producing plants with specific traits using traditional breeding practices; however, newer #geneeditingtools such as #CRISPR_Cas9 could more rapidly and efficiently bring about such changes. These techniques could potentially result in the emergence of an entire new assortment of fruits and vegetables that taste, feel, and look, very different from what we are used to.

Gene editing technology is already being used to change the characteristics of our food. One such endeavour uses CRISPR for producing mushrooms that don’t brown, whereas another is trying to produce wheat that can be consumed by people with #coeliacdisease. While others are using gene editing to produce more resistant crop varieties.

Earlier this year, the plant biotech firm #Monsanto invested $125m in a new company called Pairwise that reportedly aims to produce sweeter-tasting strawberries, while Japanese scientists have employed this approach to produce #seedlesstomatoes.

These techniques also provide a huge opportunity to improve the #nutritionalprofileoffruitsandvegetables in the near future.

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