Biometrics is the identification of human based on their characteristics and traits, which is different for every individuals. The most common biometric system used is the fingerprinting ,majorly used in security authentication ,identification and access control. Biometrics has developed a lot from its origin time as most of the Governments irrespective of developed countries or developing countries are adopting this kind of systems for the nations security and unique identification of the individuals. Recently the voice biometrics has started to replace the fingerprinting techniques as it is proved as more reliable and secure.

Some banks have already approved voice biometrics as a superior technique for customer identification, especially when the transactions are through telephone calls. The unique combination of pitch, volume and tone in the voice makes each individual different. Even twins will be having a difference  in their voice and there won’t be two identical voice for two different individuals. Voice biometrics uses this as the principle and creates a secure and efficient voice identification system. The major problem that can affect the performance is the  effect of  background noise, illness, age etc on system. This can be used friendly as it can facilitate the process and won’t require expensive hardware. Since the voice of an individual keeps on changing as they get aged this cannot be adopted as the sole security system, more researches are needed for the standardization of the authentication system.

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