Many neurological disorders in newborns are occurs before birth called as congenital neurological disorders. General causes of these complications in newborns are exposure of viruses during pregnancy, chromosomal abnormalities etc.These rare neurological disorders are
1.    Galactosemia
It is an inherited disease occurs due to the inhibition or abnormality of breakdown of simple sugar called galaclose, made with two sugars lactose and glucose.
Symptoms: Convulsions, Irritability, Poor Feeding, Poor Weight Gain, Lethargy, Jaundice and Vomiting.

Treatment:  The baby should not feed with any milk products including breast milk. This should be substituted with meat based formulas and soy milk.
2.    Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD)
This is also an inherited disease occurs due to inhibition or abnormality of breakdown of amino acids.

Symptoms: Poor Appetite, Irritability and sweet-smelling Urine, Seizures, Coma and sometimes leads to death if the disease is not diagnosed initially and treated.
3.    Menkes Disease
It is a genetic disorder generally occurs in male infants which affect the gene that regulates mineral copper.

Symptoms: Failure to gain weight, Poor Feeding, Seizures and Poor Muscle tone appear. We can identify that the baby’s hair become colorless or in steel colour and the hair will breaks very easily.
We can treat this disorder with early diagnosis and treatment with copper injections. It can improve the condition but not cure the disease completely and most of the children with this disorder will die within 10 years.

Other commonly occurred neurological disorders are Neonatal Seizures Disease, Leukodystrophy, Neurofibromatosis, Intraventricular Hemorrhage and stroke.

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