Obturator artery is usually a branch of anterior trunk of internal iliac artery. High frequency of variations in its origin and course has drawn attention of pelvic surgeons, anatomists and radiologists. The present study was conducted on thirty adultcadavers in the department of Anatomy, Govt. Medical College, Amritsar. The pelvis was divided into right and left halves, labelled and carefully dissected to study the origin, relations and length of Obturator artery within the pelvis. The findings were observed and recorded. Origin of obturator artery was from the anterior trunk of internal iliac in forty two sides (70%) and was variable in eighteen sides (30%).

Obturator nerve was found lying below the artery in four sides (6.34%). The length of the artery varied between 4 and 10 cm. The variations in obturator artery may lead to surgical complications during pelvic surgeries requiring suturing along the pelvic brim. The anomalies affecting the arterial patterns of the limbs are based on unusual selection of channels from primary capillaries. The most appropriate channel enlarges, whilst the others retract and disappear, thereby establishing the final arterial pattern and resulting in variations in the origin.

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