Trauma is generally caused by injury which is due to external or internal source; it is sixth death causing diseases throughout the world. Generally tranexamic acid decreases the mortality rate in trauma patients. In severe bleeding disordersrecombinant factor VIIa may be used but it won’t decrease the mortality rate in trauma patients.
The doctors can help the patients from higher risk of death through blood test, as per the new experimental research that was held on Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City.
At Intermountain Medical Center the research team discovered a tool called Intermountain Risk Score can expect the mortality in trauma patients.

Intermountain Risk Score determines the individual death risk by combining the other factors like age, gender and common blood tests like CBC (Complete Blood Count), BMP (Basic Metabolic Profile).
By this we can also identify the other medical problems like heart failure or chronic pulmonary disease. Yet to be the benefit of the tool had not been detected in hospitalized trauma patients.
Intermountain Risk Score tool which is cheap and is useful to the patients suffering with trauma disorder.

We hope this tool will pave the way to reduce the deaths of trauma patients in near future.

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