Trading is basic concept in economics which is involved in multiple participates in a voluntary transaction of once goods & services to someone who possesses. Money as a medium of exchange has allowed trade to be conducted in a manner that is much simpler and effective compared to other goods which will be exchanged. The network that is allowed to trade is called as a market.

Trade market is classified as barter & metals. The original trade market is called as barter & later one side of barter is called metals, precious metals, paper money, bill which will simplify & promote the trade market.

The action performed by the traders & other market agents can prefer the action of trading. Where retails trading mainly depends on the sales of goods from a fixed place such as department store, boutique or by mail in small. Whereas wholesale trading is defined as a selling of goods commercially to retailers, industries, companies, professional business users etc.

It is a concept where it is started from the stone age. Trading became main facility for the pre historic people who have exchanged the goods & services to each other before the invention of currency.

International trading is the exchange of goods across the nations where in international trading economic, social & political importance have increased because of advancement in the transport, industrialization, globalization, multinational corporations & outsourcing services.

As a conclusion trading increased its importance by promoting the use of labour, environment & social standards by production of commodities

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