Firing a client is the one of the most difficult decision taking by any firm at some critical situation. Accounting/client relationship is an important key to serve any firm but sometimes due some major reasons firm had taken this decision. Some important reasons to firing a client are as follows:

1.    First and one of the major reasons to fire a client is that if the client takes too much time to provide services. In this way you can take out those clients who are not able to provide you good revenue and concentrate more on other clients. In this way you can improve the total revenue of your firm.

2.    Second reason to fire a client is that if he is not honest with a particular situation. In this situation if he holds any valuable information related to your firm than it can be harmful to your firm ethically or legally. In this situation there is a need to part ways. In this situation you should not take care of any emotional attachments with that person who can provide harm to your firm at any time.

3.    Third reason is that if the client does not want to help. It looks strange but some time we can meet this situation when client never take care of your intensions and advice. In this situation it’s better to find another client.