Good News for the coffee lovers. This aromatic, traditionally roasted and brewed beverage has been boosting our life for ages without fail.

Studies across the geographies, genders, and races have repeatedly been confirming that coffee intake, at least thrice or even four times a day (Don’t exceed this limit and overdo it) is beneficial to health in general and increasing the longevity by reducing the death risk by 18% than non-coffee drinkers, in particular.

The current studies are based on larger population sample by including as many as 520000 from 10 European countries. Yet another study across Latinos, Afro-American, American Japanese, Native Americans, Hawaiians, and Whites has confirmed the same results. The second stu!dy included a diversified section of people that have different lifestyles, dietary habits, and racial background. For decades, the research on coffee has not been changing and ever before it showed any hazardous impact on our health.

Why delay? Let us start sipping it right away!

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