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Together, We Can Win Cancer


People all over the world gathered and pledged loud and clear on the eve of the world cancer that ‘We can Win Cancer’!

The World Cancer Day will be  observed on 4th February Every year and the theme for this year says, ‘We can. I can’. The main objective was to create awareness and reduce the occurrence and deaths due to cancer globally by 2020. Many people joined together around the world to ensure optimal awareness.

The empire state building in USA was lit blue and orange after the colors of Union for International Cancer Control. WHO highlighted that, cancer is no longer a deadly disease as the potential to decrease its burden and improve the quality of life of cancer patients has been increased remarkably. According to Dr Etienne Krug, one of the WHO Director, “Countries can do more to prevent cancer”. Governments are imposing higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco to promote healthy lifestyle. They are also planning to provide easy access of HPV vaccine. This year the focus will be on making cancer a matter of the highest concern among political discussions.

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Smoking Increases the Pain in Cancer Patients

One of the major factor for causing cancer is smoking. Inhalation of gas- Vaporised  forms some substance in lungs which is the efficient way for delivering the drugs in the blood-stream & affects the victim within fraction of second of 1st inhalation. Read more…

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