Esophageal Cancer was the cancer affected at the Esophagus of the body. The overweight and Obesity are the main causes for this type of cancer.  Esophageal cancer causes tumors at the esophageal junction which was a passage to the Stomach. This leads to severe pain in swallowing food. This cancer leads to loss in weight but at the time of the clinical treatment so many patients are found with overweight than normal. Due to pain in swallowing the patients take less amount of food so that there will be shortage in the amount of the nutrients intake which finally leads to malnutrition. The patients who undergo surgery are much prone to this cancer due to overweight and also weight loss. There is a possibility to neutralize the nutrition content by giving the oral supplements which are high in nutrition. The therapies like Surgical Therapy and also Pharmacological Therapy with the help of the good nutritional diet will improve the health of the cancer patients and also their quality of life. Serum albumin level was the important tool for treating the esophageal cancer with the help of the chemo radiotherapy and also surgery. Appropriate Nutrition therapy will clear the issues involved in the esophageal cancer patients and also increase the outcomes of life.

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