Arrhythmias is the irregular or abnormal rhythm of heat beat. A Model heart wall was discovered by the scientists of Australian scientists’ Experimental approach predicts the heart wall model which will reduce the death of people who suffered with Arrhythmias.Their research is to discover the new drug effects on electrical activity of heart rhythms.
Recently IBM Scientists designed the model for heart cell which is having properties similar to the cardiocytes which can stimulate according to the electrical signals. They can use this model in patients at high risk death and in life-threatening events.

The patients who are suffered with Arrhythmias have mutations in gene KCNQ1 which helps in signal transmission in heart cells. The scientists for better understanding individually worked on each mutant to know the effect of mutations on rhythmic action of heart.

The researchers are in a plan to develop a whole human heart by using IBM’s supercomputer the Blue Gene/Q. It is the most efficient computer in the world which can store lot of data and develops new models also. The main object is how the drugs will affect heart’s electrical activity. By this we can understand the how lethal the drugs to the man.

Virtual hearts paves the way for wider recognition and make use in therapeutic community which can reduce cardiac lethality.

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