According to the result of a study conducted by experts in USA, exercise may lower the risk of developing kidney stones.The experts examined data from over 85,000 older women who were 50 or above the age of 50.The participants were surveyed so that experts could keep track of what they were eating. The scientists intended to take into account the factors that lowered the risk of kidney stones such as consuming less meat and drinking lot of fluids.

The participants reported how much physical activity they got into which was translated into METs – which is a measure of how much effort is put into an activity. Getting involved in physical activity of 10 METs or more was later found out to be responsible to significantly lower the risk of kidney stones.

Out of the participants those who got up to 5 METs each week had 16% less chances of kidney stones. Women with 10 METs or more had the least likelihood of 31% of getting kidney stones.

The authors of this study said that the important factor for lowering the risk of kidney stones was the amount of exercise rather than the intensity

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