Avoid #stress and live longer. It is always better to stay cool and not to stress out more. However the current lifestyle demands a hectic schedule and makes stress an unavoidable factor in the day to day life. One can consider stress as a part of life. At times it does have positive impact on our life, it may act as a motivation to work harder, but it is important to get a control over stress and prevent it from becoming long term.

Stress is the body’s response to any kind of threat or demand. As it is well known, that stress can lead to much health related disorders. Living with #chronic_stress causes decreased #cardiovascular_function and makes the immune system inefficient.

Stress accelerates the aging process. According to recent study, stress initiates the onset of age related diseases. This study suggests that mental pressure both chronic and perceived is related to increase in oxidative stress which ultimately leads to #telomere_shortening. This causes #cellular_aging by a process known as #senescence.

Therefore it is important that one must always adapt a healthy lifestyle and make stress less worrisome.

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