With the changing lifestyle, hair loss, gray hair, skin damages have become a common problem for most of the young generation. According to recent research, #western_diet rich in fats and cholesterol could be a reason for excessive hair loss and #skin_damages. High intake of fats and cholesterol decreases the level of the biomolecules ceramides, glucosyl ceramide and increases the level of lactosylceramide. This process is accompanied by increase infiltration of neutrophil into dermis. This in turn causes hair discolouration, #hair_loss, skin damages.

Food high in fat and hydrogenated oils could also cause overweight and increases the level of testosterone that contains DHT and leads to hair loss. Hydrogenated oils also suppress the #essential_fatty_acids that are required for healthy hair.

Studies have shown that inhibiting the synthesis of #glycoshingolipids could help in preventing these disorders. Researchers have developed a biopolymer-encapsulated inhibitor that could inhibit the synthesis of glycosphingolipids.

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