Stem cells have been a very promising technology which has been used in treating various diseases and neuro degenerative disorders. Scientists and researchers all over the world strive to widen the use of stem cells as a therapy for cancers and brain disorders. In the recent years, stem cells biologists have succeeded in generating and developing stem cells from various sources like somatic cells, milk teeth, menstrual blood, embryonic cells etc. But a very recent research conducted by a research team in China has opened a new way of generating stem cells. This team has created stem cells from urine. This has created yet another milestone in the stem cell research.

The vector previously used was a viral vector which produced risk causing cells. So the team used genetic information transporting using a DNA molecule. It is said that this has given a plenty of stem cells for future research and can be a level higher than embryonic stem cell research as they are the unlimited source of cells. The team found that when the stem cells were formed in 12 days and immediately transformed as neural cells, they found no timorous growth when injected in to brain of rats.

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