Social Inequality is nothing but a disparity in economic status or social status or it can be simply state it as Economic Inequality. Where if we take the society in to our mind there are several disparities between the each and every individual based on the poverty & social condition.

Social inequality can be classified in to several Classes based on Economic structure.
1.     Gender inequality comes under major factor where we can see the division in the role assigned to male and female in all the fields i.e., education, politics & economically. By this inequality between male & female seeks roles, responsibilities, priorities of women & men with in specific context, examining social, economic & environmental factors which influence the decision making capacity. This type of differentiation between male & female may lead to structural deprivation of the female life.
2.     Racial inequality mainly describes about the characteristics of the individual such as, Skin colour, physical characteristics, culture, place of origin etc.,
3.     Caste inequality mainly focuses on the place of origin & occupation of the particular individual. There are number of restrictions based on caste such as drinking & food sharing etc.
4.     Which is mainly seen in the organisations such as unfair treatment in the Jobs such as in promotions, recruitment, privileges mainly because age of the person?

Social inequality can be concluded as a severe discrimination is shown between the richer people & poorer people based on the economic, cultural, and racial inequalities. This can be prevented by giving importance to the poor people by giving political freedom, economical facilities, social opportunities etc.

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