Sickle cell anaemia is a disease passed down through families to generations, which leads to an abnormal haemoglobin and thereby causes sickled red blood cells. These distorted red blood cells are prone to [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 2″ align=”floatright”]disruption, which leadsto the condition named anaemia. This may eventually lead to many severe symptoms like blockage in the blood vessals causing severe pain, eye damage, organ failure and even results in a stroke. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Sickle cell Disease but the effects can be alleviated by proper disease management and symptom controls. The recent researches has found out the gene responsible for the formation of this kind of haemoglobin and these studies are throwing light to another era of treatment for this disease. This will for sure pave way to a new era of research, which can overcome the devastating conditions caused by sickle cell anaemia.

The drug majorly used in the treatment of SCD is Opioids, which comes under the narcotics, whose ill effects are well known. Recent studies have developed other drugs under the category cannibinoids to be used in reducing the acute pain and damages developing in SCD patients. Many researches are going on to study the factors causing the heterogeneity in the haemoglobin levels and if going in the right direction it can lead to a new therapy for the treatment of the SCD.

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