Shrimp farming has been a great source of income in many parts of the world. The genus Macro brachium is referred as freshwater prawns, and Penaus monodon is generally called as the giant tiger prawn. Penaus monodonis widely  cultivated.Even, the freshwater shrimps are used as aquarium cleaners. There are different types of hatchery designs suitable for cultivation. There are many reasons behind the decline of shrimp production. The reasons can be like unsustainable practices and devastating outbreaks of disease, civil conflicts etc. The basic and fundamental mistake is the lack of new techniques in disease control, management and bio security practices. The diseases like Monodon Baculovirus (MBv) and white spot syndrome virus (WSSv) are commonly seen in shrimps. Poor site selection and improperly cleaned pond (soil quality) can lead to diseases in the shrimp. Strong storms and winds increase the risks of flood, and may lead way to power supply problems.

Improper use of toxins for cleaning the pond can make the water toxic to the shrimps. In general, long term sustainable hatchery production can produce a good quality shrimp. High use of antibiotics may lead to disease resistance to shrimps.

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