Recent data suggest that respiratory viral infections play the potential role in the inception of asthma which is a major public health problem affecting 300 million people worldwide. Respiratory viral infections lead to asthma exacerbations in children (80-85%) that are associated with decreased lung growth or accelerated loss of lung function and, as such, add substantially to both the cost and morbidity associated with asthma.

Current drugs for the prevention and treatment of virus-induced exacerbation of asthma are poorly effective. But general and immune-stimulatory strategies can be used to prevent respiratory viral infection in asthmatic children. It includes healthy life style with regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, avoiding environmental tobacco smoke, stress, active probiotic supplements and immunostimulant OM-85 that may reduce recurrent infections in susceptible children.

While research continues on specific anti-viral therapies, including vaccination, but there are no practical therapies available to be used worldwide.

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