Robotic Cars is also known as Autonomous vehicle or self driving Car means that a person sitting on driving seat has given all his duties regarding driving function to autonomous vehicle system. Automated vehicle have not yet available to the customer but most likely to be available in future. Automated vehicle uses the techniques like Radar, GPS, Lidar and Computer Vision. Advanced control systems deduce sensory in order to identify appropriate direction finding paths, as well as hurdles and relevant signage.Some automated vehicles in addition update their maps based on sensory input, allowing them to follow the maps through unexplored environments.

Since the late 2000s, significant advances have been made in both machinery and legislation pertinent to autonomous cars. Numerous chief companies have developed working model robotics, including Google, Continental Automotive Systems, Nissan, Toyota and Audi. In June 2011, the state of Nevada was the first authority in the United States to pass a law relating to the operation of autonomous cars.The Nevada act went into effect on March 1, 2012, and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issued the first license for a self-driving car in May 2012. As of February 2013, three U.S. states have passed laws permitting driverless cars: Nevada, Floridians California.
•    Fewer traffic collisions, due to the autonomous system’s improved consistency and decreased reaction time compared to person.
•    Amplified roadway capacity and compact traffic congestion due to reduced need for safety gaps and the capability to better manage travel flow.
•    Relief of vehicle occupants from driving and direction-finding chores.
•    advanced speed limit for autonomous cars .

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