Have you ever thought the logic behind alcoholism? Addiction towards alcohol may be due to Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) also. In RDS, patient lacks the pleasure genes in brain & thus doesn’t feel good. RDS is the symbol of stress, anxiety, pain, addiction, and so on. But why RDS is connected with alcoholism? As the people suffering from RDS don’t feel good every time, therefore they move towards all those sorts of things which give a kind of pleasure to their minds & alcohol is one of them. In this way they get addicted with them & the brain gets pleasure. On the other hand the pressure of pleasure increases in brain & thus the brain functions abnormally which can’t be resumed soon.

Further studies tell that there is the involvement of genetic factors for causing RDS. Researchers found decreased level of neurosteroids in the brains of alcohol addicted people which make them to feel uneasy. This indicates that brain should have adequate amount of neurosteroids to feel good & relaxed. In spite of alcohols there are many other substances in use to feel good like chocolates, sugar, junk foods, drugs, nicotine or stimulants.

Though the treatment procedure for RDS is still under process as the researchers are doing lot of clinical trials for giving a better option to people suffering from RDS. Medication & daily exercise can be one of the better options for providing relaxation to the brain. Some research institutes also conduct daily basis programmes for those who are addicted because of RDS the genetic variants of their minds are studied & they are given better treatment on that basis.

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