In this New Year, Hong Kong suggested a nice suggestion for all over the world. The new law would be, all companies director should place their personal data, in a very secrete manner. All the relevant documents reported to the Chinese senior official. During this plan, all the directors should provide their residential addresses and full identity card numbers. For this situation, in last year Bo Xilai, a Chinese politician has lost his Hong Kong holding companies. In the month of October, China’s outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao has got $2.7 billion in wealth at one point. Now all Chinese and Hong Kong, family revealed in corporate filings to highlight the business relationships. It’s a pleasure of China that, the new leader, who has elected in November has shown few signs of steering a path of political issue. All the media like Bloomberg and the New York Times, has stop publishing the, this kind of any issue further. Hong Kong government also implements that Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau for all the restriction and it will be implemented by 2014 onwards. This data also helps to develop the new organization for the growth and also leads the publication of stories embarrassing of some members of China’s elite.

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