Stephen hawking as a man relied only on mathematics and quantum mechanics. He was categorical on emotions like existence of god and supernatural powers as he could peep through the entire universe and proved that it is the ‘Gravitational Force’ that is keeping the entire universe with all its galaxies and placatory system  in their respective order.

His research on the origin of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets and his fascination for the Black holes knows no boundaries. His theoretical explanation of how the extinct and exhausted stars turn as Black Holes was just amazing. For a man that lived most of life sitting on his wheel chair with no spoken word, no limb movement and facial expression and yet worked relentlessly throughout, until his last breath denotes something outstanding. The awe stocked scientific community is equally speechless, as it is still trying to digest his demise and equally busy in interpreting and decoding his works. He may hit the headlines for sure for decades to come as his works on ‘Cosmology’ remain immortal and he will be present in discussions, arguments, presentations, and research studies over the years and the generations to come. His PhD on Properties of Expanding Universes could explore the origin of the ‘Universe’ prior to ‘Big Bang’ and traced the evolution of the galaxies, stars, planetary system  and of course the organism, including human. He went beyond this horizon and spoke even about the exoplanets and existence of life in other planets and warned the humanity not to communicate with any of the extra celestial organism as it would be the end of the human civilization. Believe it or not, he made his voluminous research that stands as an evidence for us here amidst ailing health. He could conquer every barrier that came on his way.  The ALS, a progressive degenerative Motor Neurone Disease could not overcome his Zealand curiosity. His family life was successful with his wife, three children and three grand children. The number of honorary degrees he received, positions he held and the awards that embraced him are countless. He remains immortal with his spontaneous humor and outstanding scientific research for ages.

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