Its very true that, financial regulation of market contributed a lot to the current global economic crisis. It creates new regulatory policy to prevent such kind of crisis against all country. It regulates the whole financial system. Its exactly a financial institute which contains requirements, restrictions and guidelines etc. It may be any Govt body or Non-govt. The main aim is to regulate the financial markets and maintain the confidence of the policy. Now-a-days LES is largest leading European center for financial market. This company announced that, he will be provided with $5 million dollar for the next financial year. In the issue Black swan theory is considered but for this financial crisis of 2008, people believed that this theory is not applicable of present situation.

It proves that when bond trading features are counteract with trade demines, it a disappears. Due to the financial crisis of India MCX-SX (MCX Stock Exchange) tied up with NYIF (New York Institute of Finance) for the betterment of the financial market. According to Ruchi Chopra report NSE (National Stock Exchange) lunches many postgraduates courses for the financial market. Daily turnover of New York Institute of Finance is trillions of dollars. These are the main issue related to financial market.

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