A study has been done on preterm birth, which found that the babies born early even by hardly any weeks, likely to have more threat of weak health in their premature ages as contrast to those born in full tenure. The researchers from high profiled universities like Oxford, Liverpool and any more wrote in their published papers that their study is “the original huge population based study in the UK to discover the relation between gestational age at birth and later health outcomes”.

The study was done on over 18,000 babies born between August 2000 and September 2001. The data came from the study and includes the health precautions taken while the babies reached the age of 9 months, 3 years and 5 years. These all included the estimation of their growth such as weight and height, long term illness or any kind of disability, asthma, used of any kind of prescribed medicines, admission to hospital and parent’s rating of their children’s health.

The data analyzed shoed that some of the events like admission to hospital; long term illness emerged to have a some kind of relationship with the early birth, in that the preterm birth, the more the risk of poorer outcomes in these events.

The babies born in early term or moderate or late term was again admitted to the hospital in their first few months of their life more than the babies born in full term. As well as these babies had higher risk of asthma and allergy compared to those babies of full term.

The very preterm born babies were the most likely to have mothers  who smoked and who least likely to breast feed for hardly 4 months or more , than the babies of full term. They also pointed on the point that “the preterm babies have inferior health outcomes as compared to moderate or late early born babies.

The study is still going on to evaluate how much of this effect is due to problem with the mother or the fetus, rather than the early birth.

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