Premature birth or preterm birth is parturition of a baby before 37 weeks gestational period. According to WHO, every year 15 million people are born preterm. Among them, more than 7% (more than a million) babies are dying of preterm birth complications & the count is increasing by every year. Even the survivors could face life time disabilities like visual, hearing problems & learning disabilities.
Premature Birth is truly a global problem as it is the leading cause of death in newborns where pneumonia is following it. Even US is not an exception for this. USA stood at 6th position with 517,400 premature births where India, China beat First & Second top in the row. In USA, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely.
Unfortunately there are no exact reasons were reported for premature birth. It was expected that early induction of labour, caesarean birth with medical & non medical reasons, lack of feasible cost-effective care, basic care for infections and breathing difficulties are the major reasons for premature birth in under developing countries where multiple pregnancies, chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure were also reported as major reasons for premature birth in developed countries.
According to WHO, more than 75% premature babies can be saved by applying feasible cost-effective care & kangaroo mother care. Antenatal steroid dose can be administered to pregnant women to strengthen the baby lungs in case high probable child birth. Skin-to-skin contact with baby & frequent breastfeeding are major aspects of kangaroo mother care. Besides these, antiseptic cream for the umbilical cord & treating newborn infections with antibiotics can work effectively in decreasing premature child mortality rate.

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