Researchers have found that 80% of HIV infected patients are having the symptoms of otorhinolaryngological diseases. These symptoms were occurred in the early stage of infection and they were typically diagnosed before HIV has been detected. Especially  oral disease is most common occurring disease in HIV positive patients. ENT specialists play an important role in diagnosing and treating the early stage otorhinolaryngological diseases in HIV patients and they have found the otological and nasopharyngeal symptoms among the HIV infected individuals in Tehran, Iran. Samples of HIV infected individuals from VCT clinic showed the results of 61% of hearing loss, 23.5% of post nasal discharge, 39.8% of xerostomia and 23.5% of voice change. On clinical examination 6% of external otitis, 6.1% of mucosal dryness of nasopharynx, 9.2% of candidiasis, 7.1% of posterior and 6.1% of anterior lymphadenopathies were found in the patients. Decreasing in the CD4 cells render to more susceptible to opportunistic infections and neoplastic disorders resulting in the emergence of uncommon disease and malignancies.

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