The OMICS family expresses its deepest sympathies to all the #flood_affected_people_of_Kerala who have not only lost their near and dear ones, but also their homes and livelihoods in the worst flood crisis the state has faced in over a century. As of today, nearly 1.3 million people have been displaced from their homes and 10.40 lakh people are staying in 2,770 relief camps spread across the state.

As a socially responsible corporate organization, OMICS International is committed to contributing basic and essential things in order to restore the flood-ravaged infrastructure of the state. To provide relief and recovery, and as a mark of solidarity with the people of Kerala, employees working at OMICS International have come together, and collected essentials such as food, medicines, blankets, clothes, and footwear. In order to ensure that these supplies are evenly distributed among the intended populations, OMICS International has collaborated with the Robin Hood Army- a volunteer based organization, which is serving across 80 cities in the world. This organization is aimed at feeding the hunger and eradicating food wastage by collecting excess food and delivering it to the less fortunate.

In #Kerala, the Robin Hood Army has currently initiated the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ to acquire rice for the #flood_victims. Additionally, the organization is currently involved in distributing medicines and other essential relief material in the state, with the help of the Indian Army.

OMICS International stands with the people of Kerala during these trying times and it is committed to extending a helping hand towards the people of Kerala who have been ravaged by the incessant rains and floods. Towards this, some of the employees at OMICS have also volunteered to go to Kerala and help with the distribution of the relief items and help with the cleaning of the state at the grass-root level following the receding of #flood_waters.

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