As it is known as study of nutrition as science. It consists of various compounds for studying like food components and nutrients. This field mainly focuses on the nutrient chemical compounds. The function of the nutrients physically, metabolically, physiologically and biochemically are detected by the nutritional biochemistry. Mainly focuses on how they work on the human being by their metabolic activities in the body. Biochemistry describes about the structure and composition of nutrients whether they are suitable for the body regular function or not.

This Biochemistry helps in dietary conditions and also it will be easy for the doctor to prescribe depending upon the diseases. The physiotherapy can diagnosis by the biochemistry composition of the compounds which are present inside the body

Biochemistry has been a challenge for the researchers to know how it will help in identifying regarding specific nutrients which causes more effect by excess intake.

As we all know, malnutrition which has caused many disasters. This malnutrition causes disabilities, diseases and other nutrient deficiency diseases. Improper intake of nutrients without knowing their biochemical composition may cause diabetes, obesity, cancer birth effects and heart diseases which lead to death. This can be detected by the help of biochemistry which has the capability of detecting the disease composition and it would help partially in curing the disease by knowing the biochemistry compositions.

With the help of biochemistry, scientists can develop plans to counteract these afflictions and help people by surviving with healthy life.

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