Whenever it comes to nursing, mainly and customarily it is for females. Out of about 2-3million registered nurses only 5-6% is men and they make up only 14% of all new nursing students. Times and rules of the past generation have changed a lot. But many of the chauvinisms which males faced in the past are still with us today. One of the examples is of the permission to enter the delivery room. This is all what to do with the gender.

It has been seen in the study that now days more men are joining as nursing profession in spite of women and the reason is same for both the genders that is to care for ill and wounded people. Every image that needs to identify nurse is the “caring female being” while the image for the patient was always a “male in the need of care”.

As the nations are facing a scarcity of nurses, now government is actively in favor of appointing more male nurses. Though there is not even a single opinion that speaks for men minority in nursing. So how this label of the white nurse female affected minority of nurse male?? The response that comes is from “a lot” to “not at all”. Whether it is the case for promotions or for the departments. It has been examined that it is difficult for a male nurse to work in the areas of women’s health nursing.

So at this era, the quote “we need more minority nurses” should now change to “we need more and more men as well women from different national and intellectual backgrounds in nursing because that is what the need of our society.”

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