Ignorance or mis diagnosis of the lung cancer is the leading cause of death, these days in the United states, that further leads stress hypertension and even raises death related thoughts, where patients becomes more concerned about it.These life threatening diagnosis rather mis diagnosis makes a patient, feel lonely.
People who all got the recent treatment or are under treatment they are always found concerned about their health and health related issues. Danger of spreading cancer, death and treatment failure make them unconscious.

In this drastic situation nurses or health care provider could be the one who could save the soul by contributing towards patient’s alienation.

Nurses could be the only person who can make the patients feel soothed, who all feel sensitive even in discussing about the end of the life, and the dangers related to cancer deaths.

Nurses who are quite comfortable with knowing, explaining and discussing about the existentially related concerns may be in a better position to promote mental adaptation of patients suffering with lung cancer.

Nurses can help in exploring about the life histories of the worried patients about discussing their relationship and the spirituals they believe, they can even suggest them to avoid things that make them feel negative like avoiding attending funerals and such sad events.


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