Biometric information is used more in security system which is being incorporated in licenses and passports identification. The work in Biometrics lab is not only pioneering the intelligent decision-making methodology for human recognitionbut is also important for maintaining security in avatar recognition.

Researchers in the Biometric Technologies Laboratory at the University of Calgary have developed a way for security systems to combine different biometric measurements such as eye colour, face shape, or fingerprints and create a learning system that simulates the brain in making decisions about information from different sources. It’s a kind of artificial intelligence application that can learn new things, patterns and features.

The main goal is to improve accuracy and as a result improve the recognition process”.  It is not just a mathematical algorithm, but as an intelligent decision making process and the way a person will make a decision.

Biometrics-2013 takes privilege in inviting all the participants across the globe to develop and share their scientific ideas which would further provide a innovative path for the security of virtual world.

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