Biometrics is one of the fastest emerging field due to the raising security concerns and the marks the beginning of new technologies that offers numerous upcoming  opportunities. Many Governments of developing as well as developed countriesare now adopting the Biometric techniques for the national security and the maintenance of personal identities. The most widely used biometric technique  is the finger print recognition. There are lots of researches undertaking the development of  new and innovative techniques in the field of biometrics which is the solution  for the security concerns of the Governments as well as private sectors. Recently a ground breaking discovery in the biometrics has lead to a major breakthrough in the crime detection which results in reopening of many clueless cases.

This study has showed that the finger prints once formed on the metal surface can be visualized even after the print is removed. The explanation for this phenomenon is the physical and chemical interaction between the fingerprint sweat deposit and the metal surfaces. Another interesting finding in this is that the people who eat more processed foods are having higher probability of being caught  using this technique as the salt content in their body is more. Thus sweat marks on the metal surfaces or  bomb surfaces collected from the area of occurrence of the crime can be used in finding the person behind the whole scene. Researches in this area has marked its role in the crime detection and future studies will surely  pave way towards the development of the technique.

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