Milk, is the one where every mammals, human beings require after the birth. Milk contains all the nutritious values which help in growing. The milk obtained from mammals also has equally important because of their contained nutritious values. Nutrition and life are bounded to get where at starting stage of life. colostrum (the secretion of milk for first days after birth from breast) and milk contain antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory factors and immuno modulators

Donkey milk, One of the nutritious milk which helps the growth of the life. Donkey milk is almost close to women’s milk because it contains more quantity of lactose. It contains less amount of fat when compared to cow’s milk. It also contains high amount of proteins, essential vitamins and contains 60% more amount of vitamin C than in cow. Donkey milk does not require the pasteurization method because it does not contain any natural bacteria.

Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants

News made a buzz in the media regarding a woman dies at age of 116 yr. The reason behind the woman age is consumption of donkey milk throughout her life

Donkey Milk Usage:

Cosmetic usage: It is Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, took baths with donkey’s milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin. Donkey milk prevents face from forming of wrinkles, renders the skin more delicate, and preserves the whiteness of the skin

Medical use:

  •  Donkey milk is found of curing diseases and formerly used in medicine.
  •  Used in treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.
  •  In ancient history, Hippocrates, the father of medicine would prescribe donkey milk for liver  troubles,  infectious diseases, fevers, oedema, nose bleeds, poisonings, and wounds.
  • Donkey milk is not the only panacea for solving all the problems but is needed in our daily lives and when applied to skin makes you more beautiful than ever!!


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