The future is near when the surgeons use a technique that identifies hand signals as commands to control a robotic scrub nurse or who help surgeons during the time of operation.

Both these techniques would help to minimize the duration of surgeries and the probability of infection said an assistant professor of Prude University.

The new technique that uses a specialized algorithms and a camera to identify hand signals as commands to instruct a robot. At the same time, a robotic nurse symbolizes a new potential tool which might help in improving operating room efficiency.

The research on hand signals recognitions began several years back. The main challenge that comes is to develop the proper shapes of the hand poses and the proper hand path movements to reflect and express certain medical purposes. The other important challenges include providing machines or computers an ability to understand situation in which those signals are made and to distinguish between planned and unplanned signals.

A robotic nurse assists the doctors during operation and hands the proper surgical instruments to the surgeon as and when needed.

Although  is very difficult of using a robot nurse to achieve that same level as that of experienced nurse, often scrub nurses have very limited experience, which increases the chances of misunderstanding, delays and occasionally mistakes in the operation room. In these types of cases, a robot nurse could be better than scrub nurse.

Researchers are developing the advanced algorithm that recognizes the hands and apply anthropometry or simply forecasting the position of hands based on the knowledge of surgeon’s head position. This is achieved by a camera which is used for visualizing the images.

“Another important contribution is that during operation by tracking the surgical instruments inside the patient’s body. By this it becomes easier for surgeon to depict the area which he wants to inspect by using the electronic image medical record, and therefore saving his time”.  This is all done by different sensors.

Advanced software and algorithms made the accuracy and signal recognition possible in robots.

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