How to prevent kidney stones?

People who have a history of kidney stones are more likely to have them again. Here are some ways of preventing kidney stone formation.

First things first, do not reduce the calcium in your diet without consulting a doctor. Studies have shown that calcium limited diet may not stop kidney stone formation but rather it will affect your bones.


1.Drink more fluids- water (6-8 glasses/day). Water keeps your urine light yellow or clear like its own color.

2.Eat less meat and eggs and use less salt in your diet.

3.Consult with a doctor and find out what type of stone you have.

4.Ask your doctor for a urine test.

5.Get to know about other tests for kidney stones from your doctor

6.Get to know about your medication from your doctor. Medications manage the amount of acids    and minerals in your urine. For every type of kidney stone there is a particular medication.