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Blogging has recently become a regular past-time experience among various medical professionals.. Medical Blog is written with serious consideration of the audience and the topics to be covered. Medical Professionals across the globe keep themselves updated through various electronic media and the internet has become the ultimate source of medical information for most of them and so Medical Blog is an attempt to cater to the need of the particular section of scholars related to Medicine.

Medical blog contains a major chunk of the information available for the medical fraternity. It covers a range of topics from providing regular medical updates through Medical news, Medical articles, Medical updates on the latest medical research to the peculiar blogs that talk about mundane medical terms and nuances. Medical Blog has been initiated to cater medical individuals or medical companies and organizations across the globe alike.

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  Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
  Cancer Science & Therapy
  Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis
  Integrative Oncology
  Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy
  Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
  Thyroid Disorders & Therapy
  Steroids & Hormonal Science
  Diabetes & Metabolism
  Pancreatic disorders & Therapy
  Hypo & Hyperglycemia 
Medical Sciences
  Aging Science
  Addictive Behaviors, Therapy & Rehabilitation
  Air & Water borne Diseases
  Allergy & Therapy
  Alternative & Integrative Medicine
  Analgesia & Resuscitation : Current ResearchAnaplastology
  Ancient Diseases & Preventive Remedies
  Andrology & Gynecology : Current Research
  Athletic Enhancement
  Communicable & Noncommunicable Diseases
  Community Medicine & Health Education
  Emergency Medicine
  Family Medicine & Medical Science Research
  Food & Nutritional Disorders
  General Medicine
  Genetic Disorders & Disease Information
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  Hair: Therapy & Transplantation
  Health & Medical Informatics
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  Immunodeficiency & Disorders
  Internal MedicineMedical Diagnostic Methods
  Neonatal Biology
  Nephrology & Therapeutics
  Novel Physiotherapies
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  Occupational Medicine & Health Affairs
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  Primary Health Care: Open Access
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  Regenerative Medicine
  Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders
  Rheumatology: Current Research
  Sleep Disorders : Treatment & Care
  Sports Medicine & Doping Studies
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  Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment
  Tropical Medicine and SurgeryVaccination & Immunogen Techniques
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  politics in occupational health
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  Clinical & Experimental Oncology
  International Journal of Cardiovascular Research
  Otology & Rhinology
  Genital System & Disorders
  International Journal of Ophthalmic Pathology
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  Biofuels & Bioproducts Summit
  Bioanalysis & BiomedicineBiosafety & Health Education
  Bioequivalence & Bioavailability
  Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics
  Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
  Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs
  Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta
  Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety
  Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access
  Vaccines & Vaccination
  Good Manufacturing practice in Industries
  Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology
  Drug Intoxication & Detoxification : Novel Approaches
  Outlook on Developing Drugs
  Journal of Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery Research
  Pharmacological & Biomedical Analysis
  Quality control
  Biomarkers in Drug Development
  Computer Aided drug design
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