Predictions in discovery can be compared to something as coin with one constant face while the other changing, but to be considered as currency both the faces are equally important. Biological research especially genetics study pertaining to Drug Developmentand targeting shares the logic to be explained and understood. The treatment efficacy can be guaranteed if the diagnosis is done within the stage and the prognosis is timely reported with respect to the tracing molecule and the stage. The disease to be most discussed is the cell cycle disorder cancer; the predictive biomarking is carried out while defining the subtypes of a particular type of cancer. Technological advancements in the area of nucleotide sequence reading frame development has helped to find out the functional and non coding sequence sets.

The functional study of mRNA molecule also give the information like Copy number and Methylation patterns, but the DNA sequence which is exactly to be targeted in the genome giving the exact information of activity resistance is still more technically compliable to discover. Recent OncoPanel application developed by Eurofins Panlabs which compares the Drug response data to the available genomics data. Genetic trait significantly associated with sensitivity and their occurrence prioritization based on statistical interpretations and effect size are the major applications of the platform. This prediction research is not limited to genome but has also been tried to validate at proteomic level, though studying the binding specificity and molecular trafficking for the therapeutic biomolecule while analyzing drug response data. Bindings are studied with a simulation to the biophysiological cell interacting environment with the help of florescent microscopy.


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