Malnutrition causes due to lack of nutritious and balanced diet intake and leads to severe complications, if it not diagnosed and treated early. Some of the commonly occurred malnutrition disorders in children are Marasmus caused due to the severe deficiency of necessary proteins and calories in body showing symptoms like loosing of 80% of normal body weight, edema, dry, scary and loose skin. This disease can be treated with good and healthy diet and treating of infections associated with this disease.

Kwashiorkor is another diseases and it is an acute protein malnutrition disease causes severe complications like enlargement of liver, thinning of hair, depigmentation of skin and dermatitis. This disease can be treated with essential vitamins and mineral supplements. Anaemia most commonly occurred malnutrition disease in children and in adults also. Generally this disease occurs due to iron and vitamin B12 deficiency. Patient shows symptoms like fatigue, low haemoglobin count etc and can be treat with vitamin B supplements.

Goiter caused due to iodine deficiency in diet. Symptoms are swelling of thyroid gland, weakness; lethargy etc can be treated with iodine supplements in regular diet and medical care. Hyponatremia caused due to sodium deficiency in blood and diet causes electrolytic imbalance in to the body. Symptoms are vomiting, polydipsia, diarrhea etc. In severe cases administration of saline intravenously and special medical care should require. Hypokalemia is another malnutrition disease caused due to potassium deficiency in diet. Symptoms are diarrhea, respiratory depression, etc. This can be treated with potassium supplements and specific antibiotics also required to prevent infections.

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