This clock by the Dutch designer Zelf Koelman keeps time with the help of a #magneticfluid controlled by #electromagnets. This crazy clock uses the ferro-fluid– a black liquid composed of suspended magnetic particles, to create a fascinating animation of blob-like structures moving around in glass which coalesce to form numbers. Unlike the traditional clocks, this Ferrolic clock has no mechanical parts and solely relies on the embedded electromagnets to regulate the movement of the display's ferro-fluid. The #electromagneticzones are selectively switched-on, the ferro-fluid moves and settles into blobs wherever the magnetic field is strongest.

This Ferrolic clock does not produce any light and is 100% silent as it does not contain any mechanically moving elements. Its unique visual effects are the result of the black ferro-fluid continually seeking a balance between the alternating magnetic fields, gravity, and its own #vanderWaalsforces.

Ferrolic is controlled by a smart internal system that is accessible through a web-browser. Users can therefore assign the ferro-fluid blobs to display shapes, time, text, and transitions. Experienced users would be able to create animations in their own custom shapes and sometimes can even use the blobs to tell a story.

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