According to Canadian study it is been stated that, fasting before drawing blood from a patient for Cholesterol test is been predicted to be unnecessary. Current research depicted that taking ample amount of blood from the patient for presence of High Density lipoprotein quantity after fasting for 9-12 hours is not mandatory as this does not give the physically expected practical results. Routine turns of blood may discourage the patient from lab tests and it may even take long time for patients in laboratories. Recent research suggested that several associations’ draw blood from the patients normally without fasting as this resulted in lesser levels of changes than the blood drawn from the fasting patient. This could give very minute changes in the lipid levels of a normal individual when compared to fasting blood drawers. Doctors later revealed that Total cholesterol levels and HDL levels varied with 2 % while triglyceride levels accounted about twenty percent. Omitting the fasting step could enhance the accuracy and compliance of an individual suffering with diabetes and for those diabetic patients who could not withstand fasting for longer duration. Dr, Samia declared that fasting is the term used to predict cardiovascular complications under clinical trials and fasting is not mandatory for patients with high risk of diabetes. This could be a beneficial nor a conceptual approach towards the diabetic patients and a normal individual.

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