Now there is no need to worry about your laziness. The improvised version of the phrase “survival of the fittest” is “survival of the laziest”

According to a recent research on fossil, extant bivalves and #gastropods in #Atlantic_Ocean, it has been observed that #laziness could be a strategy of survival. The species or organisms that have extinct were found to have #higher_metabolic_rate. Those that require less energy for maintenance have higher chances of survival. Metabolic rate therefore can be an important factor for determining the future extinction of species along with the global climatic change that affects the lifespan of organisms ultimately leading to the #extinction of a species.

According to scientist, the probability of extinction also depends on the range size of the species. The narrowly distributed species with higher metabolic rate have higher probability of extinction than the widely distributed species. However, further research is required to analyze the influence and extent of metabolic rate on extinction rates of other kinds of animals. The current results are generalizable to all the #marine_animals.

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