Recently the #keto_diet has become very popular and is making the headlines as the most effective diet for weight loss. Currently it is the hottest diet trend. But before following it blindly, it is always better to consider its pros and cons.

A keto or #ketogenic_diet consists of #high_fat, #low_carbohydrate and mild protein. The basic principle of this diet is, by restricting the carbohydrate intake, body will eventually reach a state called as #ketosis where the stored fats are used as the source of energy. This will apparently help in burning fats and thereby help in weight loss.

Keto diet does help in burning off fats and metabolize it for energy. It also minimizes the cravings and increases the stomach fullness feeling. It is also helpful for #diabetic, #cancer and #Alzheimers_patient. However this diet does have cons. As the sugar level decreases, the brain may be deprived of glucose and the #cognitive_functions may get affected. It causes sluggishness. Moreover this #diet focuses only on fats not on overall calorie count.

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