Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an endocrine disrupter about which the human race is concerned about now a days.  More than 300 laboratories are working on it in unrevealing the hazards of Bisphenol-A.BPA is mainly used in production of polycarbonate plastics with which a broad range of products including baby bottles, food-storage containers and medical equipments are made of.

Bisphenol-A is now in news because of its nature of affecting health in various ways, but now it has affected fertility rate of a large population.

As per France’s Institute for Health Surveillance report on 26,609 males, Bisphenol-A is the reason for the decreasing semen concentration by 34% which may lead to infertility in case it is continued.
Besides these effects, Bisphenol-A had also shown some drastic effect on human race. University of Bonn researchers proved that BPA can block calcium channels in cell membranes, where this action is similar to those drugs used to treat high blood pressure. BPA can alter thyroid function in animals and humans which is very harmful in case of gestation. Low doses of BPA have the capability to induce apoptosis in normal cells.

Unfortunately there are so many ways through which BPA can enter into body among them canned food and drinks are said to be the major where air, water and skin absorption are also possible ways. Infants and children are majorly affected as there is no well developed BPA excretion mechanism.
Recent findings suggest that there is a notable concentration of BPA which was detected in breast milk and it is less when compared to bottle milk.

So we should be aware to save the next generation.
In fact, BPA was initially used as analogue to estrogen in cattle and Human.

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