Studies on telomerases have always been significant in the field of science. Researchers, therefore have a keen interest in these telomerases because of their involvement in ageing and cancer related studies. Researchers found the novel technique to unveil structural as well as mechanical properties of telomeres. These telomeres will really help assist the development of new drugs against cancer and other major abnormalitites.

Telomeres are the regions of nucleotide with repetitive sequences at the end of chromosomes, which protects the chromosome from degradation of the genes present at the ends. Telomerase, an enzyme which adds nucleotides at the end of chromosome, helps grow telomere. And it has been revealed that telomerase activity is very much in stem cells.

The team of researchers study folding of G-quadruplex  of DNA. G-quadruplex is plays an important role in regulating telomerase activity. The unfolded state of G-quadruplex has a highly compacted conformation. Telomerase is used as mechanism for uncontrolled growth in most of the cancer cells. This implies the importance of study of structural DNA. DNA structural dynamics are studied by using the fluorescence technique called single-molecule FRET (Förster resonance energy transfer) by the team. FRET helps to monitor small-scale structural changes in the DNA.

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