The 73 year old Donna Haraway predicted the entry of robots as sexual objects in her popular work “Cyborg Manifesto, a #Science, #Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century and Situated Knowledge" way back in 1985. The idea came true when the professors of Victoria University, Wellington discussed about coupling between the man and the machine in their publication date back to 2011. Since then, the sex-technology business has grown up to $30 billion industry, and become more serious about using robots to sexually gratify humans. Hugging or kissing is no longer out of love, affection and emotion as it transpires through coding and programming. The colonization of Cyborg at work and play, production and reproduction is a reality today replacing the organic, bio-matter. This tendency explains the post-human society with silicon chip based materialism in our bed rooms. As mentioned by Donna Haraway again, the modern war is a cyborg orgy, coded by C3I, command-control-communication-intelligence,

The makers of bionic sex dolls are arguing that #sexobots (most of them are female models) can reduce the sexual violence, sex related crime, trafficking and sexually transmitted #healthdisorders like pedophilia. They are going to the extent of using #robots in fixing the relationship issues between the couple. The British Medical Journal brushes these claims aside in an editorial published recently, where the researchers did not see any comprehensive scientific base and evidence to curb sex-trafficking nor they promote safe sexual practices. In September 2017, a robotic sex-doll creator said his sexbot can switch to “family mode” and rear children. Shall we be calling robot as our mum in future?

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