You tube is one of the popular website in world, which have more viewer as compare to Google & Facebook. Accounting firm can visualize there video online within short time with the help of YouTube, which can be immediately available to the public. Many of the peoples search on internet for their problem and query related to accounting & marketing. In such case it provides them immediate solution and also popularizes your firms. We know that many of the peoples are visual learner means to understand anything they prefer watching of videos more than learning the whole text. Even it’s also time consuming and targeted studies as compared to text studied so, most of the peoples prefer it.

If any accounting firms want to include there videos in its website or YouTube than following points should keep in mind:

•    In your website video should not be keep in automatic play option.  It should depend on viewer’s choice that whether they want to watch or not, otherwise it makes them annoyed.
•    Before preparing video you should know that what the people have search in YouTube search engine. You can do it by “YouTube keyword tool”.
•    To upload the multiple videos, you should create the YouTube channel, which is free of cost.
•    Videos which you included in you tube should be short and targeted the problem; its duration should be 1-4 minutes.
•    You can incorporate the video in your website to get more viewers for videos, in this case the time duration of video can be 4-10 minutes.

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