Human body cells contain a master program organizing by specific units called as genes present in chromosomes along with specific polymers. Human body contains 46 chromosomes arranged in pairs and placed in cell nucleus.  Genes are made by DeoxyRibonucleic Acid also called as DNA and these genes are combined and form chromosomes.
Totally DNA, the genetic information organizes and dictates human functions and human health.
Genes can encode the specific proteins in our body through specific mRNAs; hence these produced proteins are responsible for all vital functions.
Human genome contains 3 billion building blocks called as genes with specific genetic information.
What is Human Genome Project and what is its use?
Human Genome Project aimed to map and sequences the entire genome and reveals the information from complex structure. This sequencing will help to treat the diseases caused by genetic mutations. De coding of genetic information will help us to find out the better remedies to treat genetic mutation and hence treat the diseases. Human Genome Project open the door to the aspirant researches to find out the better treatments for life threatening and acute genetic disorders hence protect the human health by controlling the master program and improve the human lifespan.
Human Genome Project started in 2000 with 3 billion dollars of cost and many scientists from Stanford, Washington, Utah, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin Universities, Baylor College of Medicine from USA, UK and Japan countries and this project taken 10 years to decode the entire human genome completely.
Hats up to the scientists, contributors for their eminent work to give better life to us. They are the real heroes and living legends. Every human being should thank them for their concern.

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