Considering the increasing population of world, despite of various programs running for control across the globe, researchers are working to find new ways to satisfy nutrition needs. Today world needs such alternatives which must be affordable and biologically safe. Genetically Modified Food (GM Food) is always seen as potential replacement for natural food products. But GM Food has been already surrounded in controversy after facing rejection by Californian crowd.

In similar scenario a company naming AquaBounty located in Massachusetts is succeeded to win the approval for human consumption from US Government. It is keeping its tag of pioneer in the market to be the first of its own kind with approval. This Pacific salmon contains an altered chromosome with a foreign gene from Chinook salmon. These salmons grow with enormous speed nearly double the speed of ordinary salmon. Company got this medal of approval after a long battle of 17 years with federal regulatory bodies, delay is believed due to political involvement.

Company has come with future plans for this fish considering all aspects and chances of contamination with wild type gene pool. Eggs of it will be engineered in completely contamination free aqua tanks in Canada following shipment to Panama for proper maturation. According to company protocols all fish will be female with three copies of each chromosome affirming the sterility.

Matt Tinning Director, Marine Fish Conservation Network says that GM fish could exile the wild type if accidently it escapes from their tanks, initiating the next episode of controversy. However this approval cannot be pondered as final since now public is allowed to comment on the approval document for 60 days before its review by FDA.

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