As per many folk stories, elephants remember places they visit and incidents they encounter over the decades and they take revenge on those that betrayed them. Whether or not they take revenge, elephants with three time larger brain size than their human counterpart don’t get #Alzheimers during their lifetime spanning 60-70 years. Should human learn from #elephants on how to keep the deadly disease away?

As per several studies, beta-amyloid proteins that plaque the brain neurons are the primary drivers of the disease. As they get accumulate in the brain, they gradually damage the #brainneurons is the major argument. #Sleepdeprivation is considered as the primary cause of the onset of this disease. Elephants that hardly sleep for two hours in a day did not have evidences of beta-amyloid protein pile-up in their brains as per postmortem studies.

What could be the exact secrete that sparred elephants from Alzheimer’s than?

Elephants live as matriarchal herds and enjoy a tight-knit extended family system where they cherish the strong #socialbonding throughout and transfer the valuable experiences and knowledge they gained to the younger ones. Human in the rat race for money, power and urban comforts has torn his relations apart and is suffering extensively from loneliness, leading an insecure life. So, what is the moral of this story?

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